your shigakogen adventure

With activities ranging across seasons, we have prepared a short-list of activities during you stay in Shiga Kogen. These are some of our personal favorites and hope you enjoy them as well.


Winter Activities


Downhill ski Areas

Shigakogen has some of the highest quality JAPOW (Japanese Powder) in the Honshu area and hosts one of the top three largest ski resorts in all of Japan. The hotel is perfectly located to make the best use of your stay and maximize your time in the mountains. Local ski resorts have a variety of ski hills from beginner to diamond. Click on the following link to get a complete list of ski resorts in the area.


Downhill Ski tour

Wanting to improve your skiing skills? Participate in a six-hour ski tour led by the coach of the Japanese National Ski Team while admiring the beauty of the Shigakogen landscape. Tours are provided through Shib’s Tours. Click on the link below to download a brochure with more information.


Snow shoe Tour

For those who prefer to experience the Shiga Kogen outdoors at a slower pace, local snow shoe tours will take you through the beautiful landscape. No previous experience is required and can easily be tailored to fit your schedule. Contact the hotel for more information.


Snow monkey park

The Snow Monkey Park located in Yokoyu River Valley is home to one of the most unique experiences near Shiga Kogen. Due to the presence of natural hot springs, Japanese macaque (snow monkeys) have made this their habitat and enjoy bathing in warm water. Located close to the hotel, you can have the experience of viewing these monkeys while relaxing in the natural hot springs. Click the link below to learn more!

Summer Activities


Stand-up paddle boarding

Experience Shigakogen from the water on a half-day standup paddle board (SUP) tour hosted by Mountain Discovery. Beginners are welcome and all equipment is included. Click the link below to access Mountain Discovery’s website.



At their peak, during the summer months from mid-July to mid-August, come join us to experience the one-of-a-kind fireflies found in Shiga Kogen. The Genji firefly is the largest firefly that lives only in Japan and is only able to exist at our high altitude due to the hot spring environment. Shiga Kogen is now considered a monument due to the large existence of these fireflies. You do not want to miss this experience!



During the summer and winter season we can prepare a Japanese barbecue experience for you during your stay. With all you can eat pork, chicken, and fish with vegetables and fruit, this meal will leave you full while you spend time in the beautiful outdoors. Contact the hotel for price and reservation.


Hiking areas and summer lift

The rugged landscape of Shigakogen provides many mountain lakes and streams for hiking during the summer months. For more information about hiking trails ask a hotel staff member or visit the Shigakogen Tourism Association website linked below.


All-Season Activities


SkyTech Sport Ski Simulator

Used by Olympic athletes all over the world, the SkyTech Ski Simulator allows you to improve your skills regardless of the conditions outside. Sachinoyu is the first hotel in Skigakogen to have one of these simulators at the hotel. Ask a hotel staff member when you arrive for more information.


crumpet cafe - View from 2307m

Accessible in both winter and summer, The Crumpet Cafe is well-known in Shigakogen for breathtaking views while enjoying a warm and refreshing beverage. We highly recommend pairing this with a summer hiking adventure or ski day. Click the link below to be redirected to their Trip Advisor page.